Wall Panel

Decorative Wood Wall Panel

With different textures and colours, our uniquely handmade wall panels would give your interior a special Natural and earthly touch

  • No additional varnishing is required.
  • Natural wood have fragrant scent.
  • All our materials are tested and safe to use.They are properly klin dry, low emission and low toxicity.
  • Our wall panel can be used in residential and commercial projects, such as feature wall, door panel, shop facade, furniture and many other possibilities.
  • Strong design statement with 3D effect.
  • Convenient to install, with overlocking feature and plywood backing.
  • Environment friendly as lesser wood are being cut down. All the wood used are reclaimed or reused wood building structure or normal woodworking process.
  • Beyond the eco-responsibility of reusing materials, it is indisputable that our wood panel brings beauty and character that nothing else can.
800mm x 200mm x 25mmNoNoNoNoNoYes
900mm x 200mm x 40mmYesNoNoNoNoNo
1200mm x 200mm x 11mmNoYesYesYesNoNo
2400mm x 125mm x 12mmNoNoNoNoYesNo